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Team of 3 120 Air Squat 80 OH lunges 45/35lb 40 Sync Burpees facing Bar ( all together) 100 Cal Assault Bike 70 OH lunges 45/35lb 30 Sync Burpees facing Bar ( all together) Rest 5-minutes Then start u

Endurance : Team of 2 1000M Ski erg 100 sync Hop over line 50 Shuttle Run ( 10M segment) 800M Ski erg 80 sync Hop over line 40 Shuttle Run 600M Ski erg 60 sync Hop over line 30 Shuttle Run 400M Ski er

Task 1 : Conditioning Team of 2 A . For time I go you go 10 Rounds 1 Deadlift 405/245 15 HSPU 200M Run Rest 10-Minutes B. For time 12 power clean 225/145 lb 60 Wallball 9 power clean 225/145 lb 40 Wal