WOD16032020 , MONDAY

πŸ’’ warm up :

400M Run

πŸ’’ Strength:

A. EMOM 12-Minutes

1: 5/Side Over Head Lunges ( AHAP)

2: 5 seated Box jump

3: 5 Wallball ( as high as possible)

πŸ’’ gymnastics

A. Every 3-minutes x 7 Rounds

6 T2B

8M Handstand Walking

6 T2B


8 T2B

30s HS Hold Or HandStand Plate Hop (in and Out)

πŸ’’ Accessories:

Alternate For 4 Rounds

30 banded Half Burpees

20 push up

πŸ’’ Core :

A. L-Sit Hold

3 sets , 20s to 30s

Rest 1-minutes between

B. Russian Twist

Max Reps in Window 4-Minutes

Extra work : ( optional )

πŸ’’ Strongman Session :

A. Amrap 2-minutes x 5 Rounds , Rest 1-Minutes

15M sled Push (AHAP)

5 Sandbag Over The Shoulder

Rest 5-Minutes

B. Backward Sled Drag

5 Sets , 1- Minutes Max Distance , Rest 1-Minutes Between Sets

πŸ’’Active Recovery

10 to 15-minutes

Bike erg easy pace

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