WOD21032020 , SATURDAY



7 Burpees

(NOTE: we will be adding 2 Reps everyday until we are back in the gym. You can skip the conditioning as long as you just do the warmup to stay active!)

💢 POWER ( Explosive)

EMOM 4-minutes x 2 Rounds , Rest 2-minutes Between Rounds

Min 1 : 4 Depth Jump into Broad Jump

Min 2: 4/side Skater Hops

💢 interval

Alternate A And B x 6 Rounds , Rest 1-minutes between Rounds

A. AMRAP 3-Minutes

400M or 2-Minutes Jogging on place

Remaining time Max Vertical Jump

B. EMOM 3-Minutes

Min 1: 45s Glute Bridges

Min 2: 45s Hollow Rack Hold

Min 3: 45s super Man Hold

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