WOD30032020 , MONDAY



23 Burpees

(NOTE: we will be adding 2 Reps everyday until we are back in the gym. You can skip the conditioning as long as you just do the warmup to stay active!)


A. Alternate For 4 Rounds

•12 DB chest Press ( ON the Ground)

•Immediately Into Max Push-Up

Rest 2-Minutes Between Round

B. Alternate For 4 Rounds

•12 One Arm DB Row

•Immediately into triceps Bench Dips

Rest 2-Minutes Between Round

C. DB Chest Fly

4 Sets , 15 Reps

D. Biceps curl

100 reps


A. EVERY 2-Minutes x 5 Rounds

30Sec DB OR KB One Arm OH Walking (R)

15 Hollow Rack

30Sec DB OR KB One Arm OH Walking (L)

B. EVERY 2-Minutes x 5 Rounds

1-Minutes DB OR kB Farmer Carry

15 Toes Touch

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